Gold Silver Price In Nepal

Today 11 September 2023 Gold Silver price list in Nepal, You can check the latest price of 24-carat gold, 22-carat gold, and silver below.

Today Gold Silver Rate In Nepal

Yesterday 24K gold price in Nepal was NPR 111,860.21 and today on 11 September 2023 it has increased by Rs 99 to NPR 111,959.32 whereas yesterday 22K gold price was NPR 111,312.19 and today it is Rs 111,411.30. More Full Price rate check below

Today 11 September 2023 gold and silver price list

Gold (Grams)24K Gold Price22K Gold Price Silver Price
2 Gramsरू 19,204.00रू 19,110.00रू 240.00
5 Gramsरू 48,010.00रू 47,775.00रू 600.00
8 Gramsरू 76,816.00रू 76,440.00रू 960.00
10 Gramsरू 96,020.00रू 95,550.00रू 1,200.00
1 tola (11.66 grams)रू 111,959.32रू 111,411.30रू 1,399.20

gold rate in Nepal

Date24K Gold Price22K Gold PriceSilver Price
2023-09-10रू 111,860.21रू 111,312.19रू 1,394.54
2023-09-08रू 112,262.48रू 111,714.46रू 1,403.86
2023-09-07रू 111,959.32रू 111,411.30रू 1,409.69
2023-09-06रू 112,361.59रू 111,813.57रू 1,429.52
2023-09-05रू 112,664.75रू 112,116.73रू 1,444.67
2023-09-04रू 112,962.08रू 112,414.06रू 1,464.50
2023-09-03रू 112,559.81रू 112,011.79रू 1,459.83
2023-08-30रू 111,661.99रू 111,113.97रू 1,464.50
2023-08-28रू 111,061.50रू 110,513.48रू 1,464.50
2023-08-25रू 111,061.50रू 110,513.48रू 1,459.83
2023-08-24रू 111,061.50रू 110,513.48रू 1,459.83
2023-08-23रू 110,560.12रू 110,012.10रू 1,424.85
2023-08-22रू 110,461.01रू 109,912.99रू 1,414.36
2023-08-21रू 110,262.79रू 109,714.77रू 1,389.87
2023-08-20रू 110,262.79रू 109,714.77रू 1,389.87
2023-08-18रू 110,361.90रू 109,813.88रू 1,389.87
2023-08-17रू 110,361.90रू 109,813.88रू 1,370.05
2023-08-16रू 111,160.61रू 110,612.59रू 1,374.71
2023-08-15रू 111,259.72रू 110,711.70रू 1,379.38
2023-08-14रू 111,061.50रू 110,513.48रू 1,374.71

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