Nepali boys names starting with B with meaning

Nepali boys names starting with B with meaning– Naming a child is a special and important task for any parent. It is a reflection of their identity and a lifelong symbol of their culture and heritage. In Nepal, names are chosen with great care and often have deep cultural and religious significance.

If you’re looking for a Nepali name for your baby boy that starts with the letter “B”, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of 100 popular Nepali boys’ names starting with the letter “B” along with their meanings and origins.

100 Popular Nepali Boys Names Starting With B: A Comprehensive Guide with Meanings and Origins

Nepali boys names starting with B with meaning
Nepali boys names starting with B with meaning

From traditional and classic names to modern and unique options, this list has something for everyone. So, you can choose the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.

Latest Nepali Boy name list ideas

  • Bikram (बिक्रम) – Strong, valorous
  • Bijay (बिजय) – Victory
  • Bishal (बिशाल) – Big, Huge
  • Bikash (बिकाश) – Progress
  • Birendra (बिरेन्द्र) – King of Warriors
  • Bishnu (विष्णु) – The preserver, one of the Hindu trinity
  • Bikramjit (बिक्रमजित) – victorious in strong
  • Bishwajeet (विश्वजीत) – Conqueror of the world
  • Bijayaditya (बिजयादित्य) – victorious sun
  • Bishnukanta (विष्णुकान्त)
  • Bipin (बिपिन) – Forest dweller
  • Bishal (बिशाल) – Huge
  • Bikrant (बिक्रान्त) – Brave
  • Bhuwan (भुवन) – Earth
  • Bishnu (विष्णु) – Preserver
  • Bikram (बिक्रम) – Strong
  • Bhagat (भगत) – Devotee
  • Bikas (बिकास) – Development

B bata aaune name boy

  • Bikramaditya (बिक्रमादित्य) – Strong sun
  • Bishnubhakta (विष्णुभक्त) – Devotee of Lord Vishnu
  • Bharat (भारत) – India, a name of ancient king
  • Bikramajit (बिक्रमाजित) – victorious in strength
  • Bishal (बिशाल) – grand, large
  • Bikas (बिकास) – progress, development
  • Bishwa (विश्व) – world
  • Bikramaditya (बिक्रमादित्य) – strong sun
  • Bishnu (विष्णु) – one of the Hindu trinity, the preserver
  • Bimal (बिमल) – pure, spotless
  • Bikrant (बिक्रान्त) – brave, courageous
  • Bikalpa (बिकल्प) – alternative
  • Bikramshah (बिक्रमशाह) – strong king
  • Bishnu (विष्णु) – preserver
  • Bikas (बिकास) – development
  • Bimal (बिमल) – pure
  • Bikrant (बिक्रान्त) – brave
  • Bikal (बिकल) – young
  • Bikalpana (बिकल्पन) – imagination
  • Bishnubikram (विष्णुबिक्रम) – strong devotee of Lord Vishnu
  • Bikramshankar (बिक्रमशंकर) – strong god
  • Bishwabikram (विश्वबिक्रम) – strong conqueror of the world
  • Bikramkrishna (बिक्रमकृष्ण) – strong blackish
  • Bishnubikash (विष्णुबिकाश) – progress of Lord Vishnu
  • Bikramraj (बिक्रमराज) – strong king
  • Bishwajit (विश्वजित) – Conqueror of the world
  • Bikramshiva (बिक्रमशिव) – strong god Shiva
  • Bikramshiva (बिक्रमशि

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